TRI-NETRA, is a small hand launched remote- controlled unmanned aerial vehicle.
The craft is launched by hand and powered by a pusher configuration electric motor. The plane can fly up to 5 km or more depending on custom requirement at altitudes of approx. 500 to 1000ft above ground level.The bottom of this is again made out of carbon fiber, the aircraft can fly upto 1.5 hours depending upon weather conditions. The probable uses of air-crafts are in the areas of Border Security Force, Forest Department, Mega Factory Surveillance, Coastguards, Agriculture Land survey and crop insurance etc.

key features


Fixed wing


3 kg

Max payload

500 gm


Hybrid, GPS, Attitude, Manual

Max altitude

5 km

Flight time

Upto 1.5 hours with 300 gm payload



Anti Terrorist Squad

Border Security

City Surveillance

Coast Guard

Coastal Surveillance

Disaster Management

Entertainment Movie

Factory Surveillance

Fire Rescue

Forest Surveillance

Police Surveillance

Search Rescue

Special Forces