DRONAA is a quad-copter,It uses variation of RPM to control lift and torque. DRONAA also uses an electronic control system and electronic sensors to stabilize the aircraft. Frame of DRONAA is designed and developed in India, is enclosed motors, permitting flights through more challenging environments, with lower risk of damaging the equipment or its surroundings. Few key features of the product are, it has Carbon fiber one piece body-for highest endurance and less weight, the design is also weather-proof and can fly in all weather conditions, the copter can fly upto 40 mins with the pay-load of 6kgs.Dronaa is also equipped with thermal imaging and color camera -Providing heat sensing radiometric facility which shows various temperature of every pixel and very easy postproduction analysis. Probable Application areas of usage of Dronna would be- Border Security Force,Fire department, Anti Terrorist Squad,Search and Rescue Operations, Police Surveillance, Special Force, Mine examinations National Parks and Forest Surveillance etc.

key features



All up weight

6000 gm

Max payload

1500 gm


Hybrid, GPS,Attitude, Manual

Max altitude

4 km

Flight time

40 minutes with 1 kg
payload & weather conditions


Carbon fibre one piece enclosed body
Heat resistance and weather resistance


Equipped with with thermal
imaging & colour camera



Anti Terrorist Squad

Border Security

City Surveillance

Coast Guard

Coastal Surveillance

Disaster Management

Entertainment Movie

Factory Surveillance

Fire Rescue

Forest Surveillance

Police Surveillance

Search Rescue

Special Forces