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Z Axis
our drones
  • Dronaa
    DRONAA is a quad – copter,it has Carbon fiber one piece body-for highest endurance and less weight, the design is also weather-proof and can fly in all weather conditions, the copter can fly upto 40 mins with the pay-load of 6kgs.
  • Lakshya
    LAKSHYA is a Hexa Copter with Y frame design which gives a unique stability in air. It takes upto 2 kg of payload and fly upto 30 minutes.
  • Tri Netra
    TRI_NETRA is a small hand launched remote - controlledUAV,The plane can fly up to 5 km or more depending on custom requirement at altitudes of approx. 500 to 1000ft above ground level with upto 1.5 hours of flying time.


Anti Terrorist Squad

Border Security

City Surveillance

Coast Guard

Coastal Surveillance

Disaster Management

Entertainment Movie

Factory Surveillance

Fire Rescue

Forest Surveillance

Police Surveillance

Search Rescue

Special Forces